Game made for the Ludum Dare 44: "Your life is currency" by Luis J. Benitez.

Made in Unity. You are free to download. Playable with Keyboard or Gamepad. About 75Mb the full archive.

The game is set in the space and you are the captain of a ship though some missions. Mind the Credits because its your currency and also the vital support of the ship.


GamePad or Keyboard.

WASD or Cursors. Left Control Fire.

Mouse click to interact with menus.

* BugFixes v1.03

- Fixed Starting a New Game from Win Screen.

-Fixed Display of Cannoner level after purchase level 2.

Install instructions

Just Extract in any windows system. Let me know if you find any bug.

You can play it on the webpage now.  Expand the window if your resolution is 1080p or more for a better experience.


LifeIMCbuild_v103 Minor Bug Fix 18 MB
LIifeIMC MAC Minor Bug Fix 31 MB
Life Is Money - Submission 18 MB
LifeisMoney Submission MAC 38 MB

Development log


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Your Ship will move and shoot faster as you upgrade it.